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We are an independent company run by husband and wife team John and Linda O’Connor. Smart Van Conversions has been successfully running for 20 years.

Our employees have many years experience in the camper van conversion industry and are dedicated to this side of the business.

Full Campervan Conversions

Full conversion

Campervan Modification Service in Derby


Roof fitted incl roof beds led lights

Roof fitted -incl roof beds, led lights

Glass fitting and window conversion for campervans

Glass fitting/ window conversion

Campervan electrical system installers


Campervan Gas fitting service in Derby and fixtures tested by qualified engineer

Gas fitting and fixtures

(tested by qualified engineer)

Campervan Heating systems installed


Campervan seating and swivel seating installers in Derby

Seating – incl Swivel seating

Group 15


Insulation for campervans inc fitting service


carpeting and flooring for campervans installed

Carpeting | Flooring

Furniture Curtains and Blinds installers for campervans Derby based


inc blinds and curtains

Accessories bike rack awnings entertainment systems roof bars crossbars fitted to campervans


incl, bike rack, awnings, entertainment systems, roof bars, crossbars

Upgrading any aspect of your campervan

Upgrading – any aspect of your camper

Replacement parts fixtures and fittings for campervans 1

Replacement -any

Pop Top Roofs

An elevating roof can transform a van into a liveable area, adding the headroom needed for cooking, and the extra space for sleeping.

Such a conversion isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There’s more to it than simply cutting a hole in the roof and bolting on the new one ;strengthening beams need to be added to make sure the roof remains rigid; measurements need to be accurate to make sure the hole that is cut out is covered by the elevating roof; care needs to be taken to avoid cutting through wires and damaging trim and glass with angle grinder sparks. There are lots of other aspects to the conversion. The headlining needs to be removed and either adapted or new trim fitted.

Camper Conversion Pop Top Roof
Camper Conversion Pop Top Roof Interior

When fitting strengthening beams, they (we) use plenty of Sikaflex silicone sealant to help prevent panel rattles and squeaks.

They (we) also rust protect any cut metal edges with paint (Rust protection is applied to protect all cut metal edges with paint)

We can supply and fit most vans with a Pop Top Roof. Unlike most conversion companies we aren’t limited to VW’s.

Through our attention to detail and high standard of workmanship we are Accredited roof suppliers and installers for many roof suppliers.

A few examples of the companies we are accredited to work on behalf of are:

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At Smart Van Conversions we offer a complete supply and fit service of Skyline elevating roofs for Volkswagen T4/5/6/6.1 transporter vans, VW Crafter van, Ford Transit Custom vans.

TSkyline Volkswagen manufacture, we are always looking to move our product forward. Skyline use an advance vacuum moulding technique, which ensures we produce a superior rigid VW T4/5/6, VW Crafter and VW Custom Vans, poptop roof with no external fittings, this coupled with our 100% waterproof canvas gives us one of the best elevating roofs for Volkswagen T4/5/6’s, VW Crafter and VW Custom Vans on the market today!

We supply all our roofs with any of our 28 coloured vinyl’s, which you can find in our “Canvas Colour “page.

We are also the UK market leaders in Safety and now have Full TUV Approval for our T5/6 roofs and ISO9001 rated, leading the market!

Skyline have introduced the New Aurora Say goodbye to straps… Skyline Aurora is a streamline, lower profile roof, available in short and long wheel base for the VW T5, T6 & T6.1.

image coming soon
image coming soon
image coming soon

Drivelodge Roofs

When you fit Drivelodge roof to your van quality is guaranteed. This roof features:

  • Slimline profile, in keeping with the design of the vehicle.
  • Have a fixed front spoiler. Most roofs are full length and have a flimsy rubber strip across the front. By having a fixed spoiler, this means that you are guaranteed to have zero wind noise.
  • Have 2 LED light flush mounted into the roof, with a concealed wire running through a pocket sewn into the canvas.
  • Have no bolts coming through the roof. Not only does this give the roof a much better, smoother look, but also stops any chance of leaks.

  • Stainless Steel scissor hinges. This means you will never have to worry about corrosion with a Drivelodge Roof.
  • Single piece box section frame. As with all our roofs, we like to go over and beyond what is necessary when safety is concerned. All our reinforcing frames are made from box section and mount to the vehicle in various places to make sure the vehicle is as strong as possible.

As with all Drivelodge Roofs, the roof comes with a 5-year Warranty meaning you have peace of mind knowing you will have trouble-free camping for the next 5 years.

At Drivelodge we pride ourselves on providing quality products, with quality checks all the way through the production process, you can guarantee you will end up with a quality product.

Drivelodge – Raising the Roof on Standards

UK Poptop Roofs

With the recent demand for leisure products in the UK and the need to have multi-purpose camper window vans that can be used as everyday vehicles and for leisure trips, Poptop Roofs presents a wide choice of campervan roofs for new and used vehicle designs competitively priced to suit most peoples pockets.


Are a leading UK manufacturer of campervan roofs. Their manufacturing is done in house, from pattern making and moulding to production this ensures everything meets their standards.

image coming soon


Westdubs roofs are manufactured with their own unique mould made to a very high standard, using the best materials for Maximum longevity. Sissor hinges are lazer cut for accuracy and designed to use the existing fitting points of the vehicle. Side strengthening frames. Canopies made from heavy duty fabric based polyester with an impregnable coating giving strength, dimensional stability, abrasion, mildew and ultraviolet resistance. It is produced with a clear seal coat to provide a high degree of water resistancy.

image coming soon

All front elevating roofs are fitted with an above cab boxed section strengthening frame together with side and rear strengthening frames down bothsides of the vehicle.

5 year warranty on T5, T6

2 year warranty on all other roofs

We have our VW roofs manufactured with our own unique moulds made rroofs are fitted with an above cab boxed section strengthening frame together with side and rear strengthening frames down both sides of the vehicle.

Optional extras for your Pop Top Interior

Colour coding the roof to your vehicle.

Scenic canvas

Trimming of Metalwork – Trimming is carpeting of metal frame work fitted to support the roof and bed. Without trimming you are left with exposed metals framework.

Standard Roof Bed is single hinged and follows the same line up as the roof.

Bi-Fold Roof Bed is double hinged and gives an additional 6/8 inches of head room vs. standard bed.

A cover panel is fitted to the underside of the bed and slides forward when the roof is down to cover the in-hanging canvas.

Mattress , Memory Foam, removable cover, Made to Measure

Q – Can you leave the mattress in the roof when it’s down?
A – Yes

Lighting – Lower power LED’s and USB’s

Awning Rails


Roof Bars

Roof and Cross Bars