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Camper Van Window Fitting Services

We supply and fit all makes and models of van glass to your van or camper.

We can provide 1 piece of glass or an entire set of glass for your vehicle. We offer both fixed, dummy, sliding, barn doors and tailgate glass. Our glass comes privacy tinted. The tint is in the glass not window film.

Need a fit only service ? We can do this for you.

Have a leaky window ? We can reseal or replace this for you.

Our fitters are qualified automotive glaziers with over 25 years experience

Van part camper conversion windows fitting

Camper Van Carpet Lining and Insulation

Part Conversion Camper Van Capret Lining and Insulation

Insulation and carpet transforms your van. Once we’ve completely insulated your van, we carpet around the panels using a hard wearing stretch 4 way carpet for durability and a stylish factory finish. We use a high temperature glue to avoid sagging.

Your van can be sound deaden for additional noise reduction.

Want to go with that extra finish? We can use hidden trim clips. This gives you a flush finish throughout the vehicle.

We offer a variety of carpet colours.

New Van Flooring

We use Altro flooring on all our vans. It’s ultra hard wearing, slip proof and looks great.

Camper Van Electrics

There are 3 systems that you can install:

  1. Split charge relay on your main battery. This is fitted to your vehicle’s alternator output, prioritises the charge between the main and leisure batteries when the engine is running. The main battery receives all the power until it’s fully charged. All power is then allocated to charging your leisure batteries.
  2. Battery to battery charging. This allows both the starter battery and leisure batteries to charge at the same time when the vehicle’s engine is running. Unlike a split charge relay, the B2B charger is intelligent, providing a more controlled charge.
  3. Separate alternator. To protect your main battery you can fit a separate alternator to the engine as a dedicated charge to the leisure batteries.
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Solar Panels for Camper Vans

The major advantage of your camper van is the freedom to get away from it all. You can get as far away from it all whilst still needing to access a pitch with electric hook up. What do you do if you want to go somewhere remote and peaceful? You enjoy wild camping Or you don’t want the expense of electric hook up. The answer is to Invest in Solar panels. Solar panels will supply your electricity and hot water. Environmentally friendly

Solar panels for Campervans fitted profesionally


How do I keep my Camper van warm? The most common heating system is a Diesel Heater.

  • They are incredibly reliable.
  • Operate well in low temperatures (quite a significant benefit!).
  • You are unlikely to run out of fuel as it’s easy to find diesel fuel at home and abroad.
  • Minimal running costs for both the electric and fuel requirements.
  • Can be mounted outside of the vehicle that will free up internal space.
  • Provide heat to the van quite quickly (provided you install a model with the right heat output [KW] to the size of the campervan).
  • Regulate the temperature with a thermostat.
  • Certain models feature an intelligent 7-day timer + remote start.
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The WALLAS XC Duo is a simple cooking and heating solution, designed for campervan use. This single appliance provides a ceramic cooking hob and efficient heater operating on diesel fuel from the vehicle’s own tank.

WALLAS XC Duo – How does it work?

When you close the lid, air starts blowing between the lid and the ceramic cooktop. The blower blows hot air from the cooker, transferring the heat into your cabin. When the lid is in the up position it is a great ceramic stove.

WALLAS XC Duo – Just like cooking at home!

Just press the button to start the cooker! It could not be easier.

The cooker has controllable power, which you can easily adjust from the control panel. The ceramic glass top is easy to clean, and the operation is quiet.

On top of all this, you’ll appreciate its design.

The Wallas XC Duo, heater + cooker, is a unique solution for campers. This safe hob heater includes a modern ceramic cooker and an effective heat blower lid to warm your camper fast. The heat blower lid has a flat design profile and controllable heating power. Despite high power capacity, the upper surface of the lid is only warm to the touch. The diesel stove heater combination is an excellent solution for small campers. Imagine – heating your camper and cooking in it with the same unit!

To use the cooker as a heater is extremely easy -just set the lid down position and enjoy the heat! The airflow is directed across the cooker’s hot surface and blows hot air into the cabin. Wallas ceramic cooker + heater represents the state of the art in camper living. Unlike hazardous propane systems, it uses diesel from your camper’s own diesel tank. Can’t use a tunnel in your route, because of pressurized gas restrictions? Forget that and get a non-gas hob heater!

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image coming soon

Diesel gives you independence because it is available almost everywhere. There is no need to calculate if you have enough gas or not. You can also forget problems with connection issues with various foreign gas bottles when traveling abroad.

Diesel is convenient and affordable. When using this diesel heater + cooker, you save space because the space of the gas cylinders can be used for storing other things. Also, parking in covered parking houses and garages is allowed. No worries when looking for parking on your way to the opera in the city center.

Wallas XC DUO stove + heater is safe to use. It doesn’t use an open flame. The combustion process takes place in a closed loop with the help of a combustion fan. The process is fully automatic and tolerant of the changes in air pressure. Combustion adds no moisture or odor to the living areas; no need to keep windows open. You can finally forget gas installations and annual inspections of gas units.

Eberspacher Easystart Pro


Eberspacher D2 Heater

A World Recognised Brand Name, the fantastic Eberspacher D2 Heater with the new Easy Start Pro Controller provides a solid product backed by years of technological innovation. Eberspacher is the market leader in smart air heaters, and it’s easy to see why when you come to use the product. The new Easy Start Pro Controller is a dream to use. Intuitive and high quality, you won’t have any issues using this controller. This model comes with a 7-day timer and a self-regulating thermostat.

The 7-day timer allows you to set a specific day and time for the heater to power itself on and kick into action with a specified temperature and run time. For example, in the winter months, if you are using your vehicle daily, you could set the heater to turn on Monday-Friday at 7 am for 30 minutes, so that when you entered the vehicle for the daily commute, you would find yourself coming out to a warm, and best of all, defrosted vehicle. All without having to press a single button. The controller also has a self-regulating thermostat which means you can set the temperature that you desire, and leave the heater on overnight. The heater will power itself on and off throughout the night, keeping the vehicle at a comfortable temperature without any human input.

Key Features:

7 Day Timer

3 Year Warranty

Cold Air Ventilation Option

Mounted Externally

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The 2KW PLANAR 2D is the most compact heater model in the production line, it is intended for use in Campervans, motorhomes, crew cabins and work spaces, commercial vans and trucks, as well as boats that are up to 28 feet long. The capacity of the PLANAR 2D air heater is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW, and it is capable of heating up 75 m3 of air hourly. It maintains excellent economy and uses between 0.1 litres and 0.24 litres of diesel per hour. They are available in either 12 or 24v versions, with the T5/T6 kit using the 12v version. Planar diesel heaters have fast become synonymous with great quality and fantastic customer services, all at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Why Buy An Autoterm Planar Heater?

Best quality diesel heater at a fraction of the price of other Air Diesel Heaters.

2 Year Guarantee.

After sales technical help and telephone support 7 days a week.

Excellent UK customer service.

Low power and fuel consumption.

Space saving installation.

Simple to operate.

Chinese models are becoming a lot more popular at a drastically reduced price. From as little as £450 – supplied and fitted.

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The other option to heat your van is a Gas heater.

Similar to the diesel heater is an L.P.G./natural gas heater.The one key difference is how the air is heated. This is done via natural gas.All exhaust and intake pipes work the same as a diesel night heater. We use a gas certified engineer to certify the work.

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